March 2021

The Wicked Planet Podcast

Wicked Planet With Ron from New England We talk about all things wicked, conspiracies, UFO’s, Cryptids and History @RonFromNewEngland @TheWickedPlanetPodcast Extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, JFK, and so much more. Ron comes from a long line of New England patriots, he has considers himself an anarchist since childhood. He has been fascinated with conspiracy theories, and all things …

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Paradigm Threat

Paradigm Threat Conspiracy Investigation Repository Repository for Ongoing Conspiracy Theory Investigation and Resources Support Paradigm Threat Watch Paradigm Threat The main give-away for controlled opposition agents is: they say a lot and leave us with no satisfying conclusions. Therefore, the goal of this project is to seek satisfying conclusions to every conspiracy theory out there. …

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