We spoke to Author, Activist, and Cannabis Connoisseur Chris Bennett about his book Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs, & The Occult. Chris shared his thoughts on Black Elk’s Prophecy, and the legal cannabis industry before diving into new findings for cannabis resin on an ancient altar in Jerusalem, archaeological evidence for Cannabis use as far back as 800 B.C.E, we jumped ahead to the spreading of cannabis by way of the silk road, its use amongst the Templars, Alchemists and Mystics Like Villard De Honnecourt, Paracelsus, and Rabelais and its use in the Phantasmagoria shows of the 1800’s which influenced the beginning of modern cinema and horror shows. Chris Bennett is the Author of; Cannabis and the Soma Solution (2010); and Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal herbs and the Occult (2018) and Co-Author of Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion (1995); Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (2001). Find more from Chris at https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/author/chris-bennett/
Buy his books at https://www.trineday.com/products/liber-420-cannabis-magickal-herbs-and-the-occult?_pos=1&_sid=ab9ff52b4&_ss=r

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