Paranoid American

Comic Books for Conspiracy Theorists

100% Spandex Free!

Established 2012, Paranoid American Inc was founded to create comics, graphic novels and interactive content exploring research into conspiracy theories and the occult.

Mind control, illuminati, Freemasons, chemtrails, and the new world order. You may or may not believe JFK was assassinated by the CIA, or that 9/11 was an “inside job.” But these aren’t just conspiracy theories anymore, they represent modern American mythology.

We’re interested in the lesser known topics of history. Sacred geometry. Ancient memory techniques. Mystery Cults. Hermetic tradition. Satanic Panic. Nothing is too old, dusty, sacred, secret, or hidden for our stories. In fact, the more unknown, the better.

Paranoid American features characters that make other superheroes and villains look as tacky as their spandex onesies when compared to their real-world inspirations and counterparts. We firmly believe that fact is more interesting than fiction, and proving it with our stories.

If this stuff is so important, why use comic books and video games as the medium? There’s enough books and documentaries with gloom and doom on these subjects out there. Injecting a little humor, animation, and interaction, makes everything more interesting.