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With Michael Wann the

Gonzo Conspiracy Researcher

Synchromystic-Apocalyptic Storyteller

Susquehanna Mystery Grand Master

Heir of Johnne Wanne – King of the Gypsies.

The Susquehanna Mystery is a 400-year state sponsored magical working, anchored on the most geologically significant river on the planet (both hypnosis and magic are based upon anchoring), timed to the turning of the ages (at its foundation, astrology is a time-keeping tool). Even still don’t take my word on it, just look at the history books, follow the synchronicities and the image becomes clear. On the Susquehanna, you will find the birthplace of globalism, the computer industry and wired distribution of electricity – three concepts that currently impact all of life on earth and also correspond to the qualities associated with the Age of Aquarius. This is the tip of the historical iceberg. To understand the Susquehanna Mystery is to understand how our reality is controlled and influenced on a deeper level, and to do so requires work (as does anything worthwhile). All that considered if you put in the time and effort in return freedom, greater awareness and expanded consciousness, will be your reward. To learn more about the nature of etheric pathways, the Susquehanna Mystery, and more, subscribe to Susquehanna Alchemy.

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