Synchromysticism Defined with Michael Wann

I was joined by Michael Wann for an exhilarating conversation about this exact moment in time, the one you are in right now as YOU read this.
Synchromysticism, Consciousness, Wands, The Cultural Matrix, and of Course the Susquehanna River, were all topics of discussion in this conversation, I told my story about my mentor Amos again. Michael Wann, The Susquehanna Sage, is a fascinating guy and I hope to continue this conversation with him on future episode of My Family Thinks I’m Crazy (MFTIC) or his New Podcast which is yet to be named…
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An Excerpt from this conversation:
Michael Wann-…”We’re re-establishing this, our calendar system. Our marking system, we’re going to begin to see there, all of these other clues as to, okay. Yeah, this is where I’m supposed to be right now.
I don’t know where I’m going to be tomorrow. I don’t know where I’m gonna be in an hour, but right now this is where I’m going to be. And you know, this, this is Synchronicity. Like people have been talking about synchronicity since, since they introduced the concept, you know, in the fifties, since Jung came up with the concept”….After some elaborating I replied to M.W.’s Points on Synchronicity with the following statement about 19:00. –…”I agree with, with what you’re saying about synchronicities. I think my life has been a series of synchronicities. I think everybody experiences deja vu, right? We all experience deja vu, but I think when it comes to this sort of synchro-mysticism and this awareness for the energy of your environment and your being, I think once you become aware of that, you’re deja vu moments start to become synchronicity moments because you’re able to put words and thoughts to the primary feeling that’s behind it.”..After some digressing M.W. Reacted to my previously highlighted statement by saying this at about 30:00 Minutes in. –…”where you really excited me, and what you just said was when you talked about Deja vu”…
… I’ve been thinking about Deja vu and synchronicity for a very, very long time.
And, yeah. I never put it together that Deja vu is like a kind of the predecessor or the wake up call or the training wheels for synchronicity. And when you said that, I was like, freaking this dude’s genius, this guy’s got it…”I responded,“Well, I mean, I got to say you’re the conduit, man. I think we’re both in the flow state.”Michael exclaimed,“well that’s what it is!”I Continued,“So I can’t say, I thought of that before now. I will admit.”Michael replied,“This is what happens with consciousness, when you see links, we saw our link, we had our timing link, we had (Our Zoom Call) and this is what happens. This is the greater reality. Like this is the joy of someone who’s listening to this. You’re watching the magic unfold in the natural way, in the mystic. So I want to talk a little bit how I have, understood and looked at Synchronicity and Deja vu”…For Exclusive My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Content: for the Video Version of this episode and much more bonus content.
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