The Amish Inquisition

The Amish Inquisition with Phil, Matt, and Ben. @amishinqpodcast @theamishinquisition UK podcast, broadcast live every Sunday from 8:00pm. Interviews, news and occasionally humour. Live from The UK, every Sunday from 8.00pm. A trio of 30-something Northerners (Phil, Matt and Ben), with half a clue in half a garage, explore the esoteric, paranormal, ancient/alternative/pre-history, conspiracy theories

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Grand Theft World

Grand Theft World with Richard Grove Richard Grove is an American conceptual artist and forensic historian who frames his groundbreaking research into epic artistic representations to educate his audience. In 2015 his work was viewed by individuals in 186 countries, proving that his findings are both relevant and meaningful to people around the world.Richard’s podcast,

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Rising From The Ashes Podcast

Rising From The Ashes Dan & Roman Comedy, Ancient History, spirituality and all things Spiracy We explore ancient history, culture, bock saga, mysteries, tartaria, religion, spirituality and much more!!!  Keep your Eyes peeled and your Hearts filled. WAKE UP! and Rise from the Ashes RFTA’s Website @Rising_FT_Ashes_Pod @firetribe5 LISTEN ON THESE APPS Antenna Pod Anytime

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The BUMP Podcast

The BUMP Podcast Don’t Stop Believing A podcast for believers of the unexplained, monsters, and paranormal to listen to and share personal first-hand accounts of experiences or encounters, in a conversation-style platform. The BUMP Podcast is a podcast for believers of the unexplained, monsters, and paranormal to listen to and share personal first-hand accounts of experiences

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Awake: Not Woke

Awake: Not Woke Real conversations, with really awake people, in a fake simulation. @AwakeNotWokePod @awakenotwokepodcast Awakening the collective one conversation at a time. Awake: Not Woke Podcast, with Sara & Chas, is a collection of discussions on topics ranging anywhere from the magick and mystical, self-help tools, spirituality, personal growth stories, the occult, current events,

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Green Knight

Green Knight with Burch Driver @burchdriver Achieve the natural expression of societal evolution and approach a solution to our largest problem as a civilization through knowledge and comprehension of the factors that impact human perception. A series of considerations based upon knowledge and with the intent to approach a solution to the human condition. Stressing

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Josh Monday

Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast This Podcast features two brothers exposing the evil we face in this world. We go over conspiracy theories and explain to the audience how it relates to the bible. We will feature one guest a week, so you will get different perspectives and personalities weekly. The host Josh Monday

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The Freethinkers Society

The Free Thinkers Society With Mike Romanelli Freethinker.tv @Freethinkertv Open Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow On The Freethinker’s Society with Mike Romanelli. Mike Talks to other Free Thinkers about Psychedelics, The Universe, Entities, and More Antenna Pod Anytime Player Apple Podcasts Breaker Breez Castbox Castro Google Podcasts Hypercatcher iHeart Radio Listen Notes Overcast

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Rogue Ways

Rogue Ways Lindsey Scharmyn Rogue Ways’ Website Support Rogue Ways Lindsey’s Book Ecclectic exploration of every aspect of being human on earth Conspiracy, Culture, Consciousness, Spirituality, Magic, Questions, Exploration, Freedom, Liberty, Community. We aim to think critically with skepticism about literally everything, following the manifold paths toward deeper wisdom and understanding of this crazy journey

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