Yogi Zorananda Glamoclija joins us for a enlightening conversation about his journey to become a Yogi, Teacher and Author. We discussed Jedi Mind Tricks, an underground rap/hip hop group, and how they influence our perception of society and reality. Yogi Z shared his past life regression experience, lucid dreams and key information to help us all find our own path to self mastery. Zorananda tells us about the inspiration behind his book Future Life Progression: Meeting Your Future Self. FLP walks you through the 8 steps that connect to events in Zorananda’s life. These steps transcend his unique experience to reveal truths about esoteric human physiology that can be applied to your own path toward enlightenment. Utilizing the heart and dream awareness meditations created by Yogi Z you can connect with your previously untapped potential. Please visit Zorananda’s website to get his fantastic book. @zorananda.g

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