all the world's myths and scriptures share a single, unifying celestial pattern designed to impart powerful spiritual truths about invisible subjects

David Warner Mathisen explores the Star Myths of the World.

He is the author of

Myth and Trauma,

The Ancient Worldwide System,

Ancient Myths, Ancient Wisdom,

Astrotheology for Life,

The Undying Stars,

The Mathisen Corollary

and of

Star Myths of the World

and how to interpret them, Volumes One, Two, Three and Four.


“The kingdom of heaven and the hope of glory are within. They lurk within the unfathomed depths of consciousness.

Divinity lies buried under the heavier motions of the sensual nature and the incessant scurrying of the superficial mind.”

— Alvin Boyd Kuhn


The same constellations we can see in the night sky to this day

 are the very same heavenly actors who play in all the world’s Star Myths.




The same system of celestial metaphor is working in virtually every sacred text and tradition, from Australia to Africa to the Americas to the Pacific Islands to ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient Greece, ancient China, ancient Japan, ancient India, and to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the Norse myths, and many others.




The Star Myths of the World point us towards the importance of knowing the Invisible Realm which interpenetrates every aspect of this apparently-material universe, and towards recovering our self and our inner connection to the Infinite, which is always available to us no matter where we are.