Susquehanna Alchemy

Susquehanna Alchemy With Michael Wann the Gonzo Conspiracy Researcher Synchromystic-Apocalyptic Storyteller Susquehanna Mystery Grand Master Heir of Johnne Wanne – King of the Gypsies. The Susquehanna Mystery is a 400-year state sponsored magical working, anchored on the most geologically significant river on the planet (both hypnosis and magic are based upon anchoring), timed to the turning of the ages (at its …

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The Wicked Planet Podcast

Wicked Planet With Ron from New England We talk about all things wicked, conspiracies, UFO’s, Cryptids and History @RonFromNewEngland @TheWickedPlanetPodcast Extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, JFK, and so much more. Ron comes from a long line of New England patriots, he has considers himself an anarchist since childhood. He has been fascinated with conspiracy theories, and all things …

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